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The members of BAYSAR Air Search and Rescue are very excited to announce the start of our first annual fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $5000. We will use that money to pay for actual search and rescue operations and the training of our membership. We are asking for your help because the cost of operating continues to go up, while our traditional sources of funding have decreased. Therefore, it’s time to seek funding directly from the community we serve.

Who we are:

BAYSAR is an all volunteer organization based in North Bay. We are funded through local donations, membership fees, and volunteer fundraising including Blue Sky Bingo sessions. We maintain very high standards of training and readiness.  Like volunteer firefighters, BAYSAR strives to maintain a response capability of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for both air and ground searches as requested by local and provincial police forces. Our volunteer ground search teams and aircrew members are well-trained, motivated and experienced.

In the 25 years that BAYSAR has been in operation, its volunteers have been involved in dozens of air and ground searches in the North Bay and surrounding areas and has earned many accolades from police forces and the Canadian military.  Air searches have involved our  members flying aboard Royal Canadian Air Force SAR C-130 Hercules and Griffon helicopters and our own civilian aircraft,  in wide-ranging operations that have taken us as far west as Thunder Bay, east to North Eastern Quebec, south to the outskirts of Toronto and north to James Bay.

BAYSAR is foremost a local community service organization. By conducting aerial photography missions, BAYSAR has been a key-player in the Northern Ontario School Police Emergency Action Response (SPEAR) initiative. The photographs enhance the tactical capability of police if a school response is required. BAYSAR also works directly with children by teaching them what to do if they find themselves lost in the wilderness through our “Hug-a-Tree” program. This greatly increases the probability of finding a lost child. Lately, you may be most familiar with our “Let us see you wear your PFD” survey and public safety promotion; as well as our assistance to the MNRF to locate illegal gill nets in Lake Nipissing. But mostly, BAYSAR works in close cooperation with the North Bay Police Service through a formal Memorandum of Understanding. The best example of how well BAYSAR has worked with NBPS was November 19, 2011, when we helped find a lost hiker north of Duchesnay Falls from the air, and then directed members of NBPS who were on the ground to the hiker to complete the rescue. The total time from call out to rescue was one hour and forty minutes!

So please help keep BAYSAR in the air and ready to serve. There are a few ways that you are able to donate to BAYSAR. Cash donations are always welcome. However, if donations in kind are more to your liking, advertising, equipment or supplies would be appreciated. Please contact us to discuss how your preferred donation could help meet the needs of BAYSAR. Donations may also be anonymous. We thank you for taking the time to consider supporting BAYSAR. Your support will be greatly appreciated. For further information, you can contact one of our Board of Directors at

Stan French, President (for)
BAYSAR Board of Directors

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