Use of PFD up, says BAYSAR Search and Rescue

The use of lifejackets is up in the area, says BAYSAR Search and Rescue.

In keeping with the annual “Let’s see you wear your PFD!” campaign, BAYSAR Search and Rescue floatplanes flew over Lake Nipissing, Trout Lake, Turtle Lake, Lake Talon and Lake Nosbonsing on August 1 to count the number of people who were wearing their lifejackets while boating.

Results of the survey show a 13% improvement when compared to the last time the survey was done with similar wave conditions in 2013 and a 24.5% improvement over last year when the winds were light and the water was calm.

“Because this survey is not scientific it is not possible to say we are seeing a trend,” said Stan French of BAYSAR Search & Rescue. “However, I would call these results encouraging. Our combined efforts with the North Bay O.P.P. and the North Bay Police Service to build awareness on the importance of wearing a lifejacket while boating may not be fully responsible for this improvement, but we do believe this campaign is worthy of our commitment and we do plan to do it again next year. We thank the media for helping us promote our water safety message — wearing lifejackets saves lives.”