Let’s see you wear your PFD!
1st and 2nd August 2015


Are you boating over the long weekend? Then, let’s see you wear your lifejackets! This is the message North Bay Police, North Bay Ontario Provincial Police and campaign organizers BAYSAR Search & Rescue are reinforcing over the Civic Holiday weekend. Now in its third year, the “Let’s see you wear your PFD!” awareness campaign will see BAYSAR flying over lakes in our region on Saturday and Sunday (August 1st and 2nd) to count how many boaters and passengers are wearing their personal floatation devices.

Lifejackets save lives. BAYSAR Search & Rescue’s goal in conducting the “Let’s see you wear your PFD!” survey, now in its third year, is to make wearing your lifejacket while boating as common a practice as putting on your seatbelt while driving on our roads.

“BAYSAR prides itself in being able to get a crew in the air within an hour after being asked to assist in a search,” said Stan French, President, BAYSAR Search and Rescue. “However, finding someone in the water who needs help is not an easy task. It could take several hours before that person is found. Depending on the water temperature, strong swimmers may be able to survive in the water without the help of a lifejacket. What they may not realize is that lifejackets not only help you stay afloat. They are also highly visible from the air making our job as volunteer searchers much easier. Your chances of being found without a lifejacket are very slim.”

“Each year tragedy strikes many Ontario families when a family member drowns in our waterways. In most cases this could be preventable. Educate your children and lead by example by wearing your lifejacket when on the waterways. Enjoy the many lakes and rivers that we have in Ontario but always keep water safety in mind” said Staff Sergeant Laura Houliston, North Bay Ontario Provincial Police.

“It’s a simple message. Wear your lifejacket,” said Deputy Chief Shawn Devine, North Bay Police Service. “We want people to have a great summer while they enjoy our waters. We’re asking them to take an active role in water safety and to spread the word that lifejackets save lives.”

BAYSAR Search and Rescue is an all-civilian volunteer organization based in North Bay, funded through local donations and volunteer fundraising. BAYSAR is on standby 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for both air and ground searches, as requested by local and provincial police forces and the community in general. BAYSAR ground search teams and aircrew members are well-trained, motivated and certified