On Sep 13 BAYSAR met all the standards to become operational as a Project Lifesaver agency by successfully certifying five Electronic Search Specialist Instructors. Our associate agency, the North Bay Police Service, had previously certified two Electronic Search Specialist Instructors. Together in partnership, BAYSAR and NBPS will be able to train and recertify sufficient personnel to meet the search and rescue requirements of operating as a Project Lifesaver agency.

On Sep 25 BAYSAR started the process of accepting our first Project Lifesaver client.

On Sep 30, BAYSAR received a welcome donation from Northern Heights Aviation who graciously donated their time to install an antenna on our aircraft. The antenna will be used to provide BAYSAR with the capability to search electronically from the air for missing Project Lifesaver clients. A flight to test the capability of locating a Project Lifesaver signal from the air using a receiver hooked up to the new antenna was conducted on Oct 3. BAYSAR has deemed that test a success. BAYSAR has now entered the operational training phase for Project Lifesaver for airborne search capability.

On Oct 4 BAYSAR became fully operational as a Project Lifesaver agency by activating the transmitter for our first client. Thanks to referrals from the Alzheimer Society and One Kids Place, BAYSAR has assisted seven more families by providing Project Lifesaver to help keep their loved ones safe. The process of receiving referrals, accepting clients, and improving our service to a wider area of operation is ongoing.

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