A 17 year old canoeist rescued from Trout Lake

At approximately 5:25 pm Ron Leach spotted evidence on the north shore of Trout Lake in an uninhabited area that required a more in-depth search
20180917 baysar opp

Stan French (pilot) and Ron Leach (spotter) used the BAYSAR plane to assist in the search for a missing canoeist. Supplied.

A volunteer search and rescue team called BAYSAR co-operated with the OPP last Thursday to find a 17-year-old missing canoeist

On September 13, police were involved with a search for the teenager. Two BAYSAR aircrew members, Stan French (pilot) and Ron Leach (spotter) participated in the airborne search that centered over and around Trout Lake. Seven other members of BAYSAR were available and were placed on standby in case a ground search was required.

The initial call requesting assistance came at approximately 3 p.m. After a pre-flight briefing with the OPP Marine Unit at 3:30 pm to coordinate search efforts the BAYSAR float plane took off at 3:45 pm.

At approximately 5:25 Leach spotted evidence on the north shore of Trout Lake in an uninhabited area and called for a more in-depth search. The OPP Marine Unit was given the information and location.

Shortly after, the youth was found in good health by the OPP at the location identified by BAYSAR.

“I am really pleased with the responses from our members and our ability to rapidly deploy,” said French in a news release. “Being able to get a crew in the air within an hour from the initial request is a noteworthy accomplishment for a volunteer organization. If a ground search was required we also had a full team on stand-by ready to go.”

BAYSAR and the OPP Marine Unit had conducted two short joint training exercises during the summer. The familiarity gained from the training was instrumental in Thursday’s successful search and rescue, said French.

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