Search on for man missing six months

May 11, 2012 Hope the OPP include BAYSAR (NB Search & Rescue) as they have done in the past when their own searches have proved fruitless.

Search on for man missing six months



Daniel Trask, 28, of Waterloo has been missing since Nov. 3. A team of searchers, including his father, have made a trek into Temagami back country to search for him. His car was found in the area after he was reported missing.


A search is underway for Daniel Trask.

Family and friends are scouring thick bush near Temagami.

The man’s mother, Maureen Trask, said her husband is among the searchers who arrived in Temagami Sunday evening.

“They’re checking the spots we believe he is most likely to be,” she said Monday.

Daniel Trask, 28, of Waterloo, Ont., has been missing since Nov. 3.

His family believes he’s in the Temagami back country. His car was found on Red Squirrel Road near Camp Wanapitei at Ferguson Bay after he was reported missing.

“It was warm when he got out there, but it turned cold very quickly. Unless he found a place in a cabin away from the elements well …” Maureen Trask said.

This search, which could continue for more than a week, will focus on the Napoleon and Ferguson mountains, as well as the shorelines along Sandy Inlet and Ferguson Bay.

“This is the time to get in there and look – the snow is gone and the leaves are still off the trees,” Trask said, adding they are working with GPS units and satellite telephones.

“This search isn’t for normal trekkers.”

Daniel Trask and his family live in Waterloo, but he is familiar with the Temagami back country. He spent the summer canoeing and returned to the area for the Changing of the Seasons, a native celebration.

Ontario Provincial Police conducted air and ground searches when Daniel Trask was first reported missing. A search and rescue unit from Sudbury also sent six planes and had a team on the ground.

Maureen Trask is asking cottagers and canoeists who may find clothes or something out of the ordinary to contact police.

“No piece of information is misinformation,” Trask said. “Anything is helpful even clothing.”

Trask has registered her son on numerous missing person websites.

“We’re coping,” she said. “It’s not the normal grieving process. We don’t know how we’re feeling and not knowing takes you on an emotional roller-coaster.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Ontario Provincial Police at 1-888-310-1122.